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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 17, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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keep you updated this morning. >> 4:29 is the time now. if you are just guest up we'll start with what is nuxt prince george county police are are are looking for this man. david white. police put out an alert for him. he was last seen october 6 n nally road and landover. 5' 10", 20 pounds if you see him call police. , 200 pounds. >> a virginia man used a spray paint can as a flame thrower two months ago at a rally is in court. long's involvement in the violent rally was captured in this photo that went viral. he's due to go before a judge this morninging in charlottesville at 10. >> meanwhile we're learning new details about a woman killed at at rally in august. the chief medical examiner in richmond ruled heather higher cause of death was blunt force injury. she was at the rally when a
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fields jr. crashed into a crowd of pedestrians, striking them. a man claimed to be a member of ms 13 gang and believed to be in the country illegally. >> melanie alnwick has the story. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement officials confirmed to "fox5" they placed detainer against the suspect which means he could be de portd. saturday night, into early sunday morning is when all this hamented. 21-year-old roberto antonio segovia and 16-year-old a agoular cruz went to a house party together. the two acquaintances got into an argument physical. witnesses separated them and told police segovia had a knife and claimed to be ms 1. he left the house and returned with others slashing tires enforcing the girl into his car.
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afternoon at another house in woodbridge. police say both initially gave false identification. the girl was unarmed and reunitehood were family. sext go vi a faces abduction, gang participation, destruction of property and providing a false name to law and rs toment. the suspect now is held out bond. his next court state november 7. live in woodbridge i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> 4:32 is the time now. "fox5" following new developments in northern virginia team. darwin martinez tors on capitol murder and rain charges in the death of nabrih hasan. he is accused of kidnapping and killing the 17-year-old last june. this is the first time they brought sex crime charges against martinez torres he's expected in court on thursday. >> a disturbing list of charges against a former youth shot of ball coach in virginia accused of sexually assaulting children over the span of decades.
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coach orange county high school early0s to 2000s she sexually abused police say 2 female students one under the age of 13. according to court documents that accusations date back to the 1990s. she was arrested and held without bond. >> time 4:33 the future of weinstein company remains uncertain according to rep reports. the company is in negotiations to the sold. realet station investment firm colony capitol headed bid tom baric close friend of president trump who led inaugural committee is in charge. guild of america has started termination proceedings on weinstein. >> and frost has joined coalition of 15 attorney generals representing 1 states in district of columbia and filing a brief toe ban open military
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transgender individuals. it was filed monday. it argues banning transgender individuals serving in military is unconstitutional against interest of national defense and harmful to the transgender community at la large. time 4:44 the naix's largest survey to document the experiences of transgenders shows concerning results for the transcommunity in the district. >> it was taken in 2015 and broken down by each state finding more than 40% of transgender them d.c. report aid bad experience from a healthcare provider. more than 50% say they avoid public bathrooms to avoid conflict and more than 60% said they feel uncomfortable going to police for help. 4:4 is the time now. let's say good morning to gary mcgrady. i wonder if this will stay? how long this will stay? >> i think so. >> cold weather. >> i think i cheated and licensed yesterday so it's going to warm up and then cool down again. >> see how he did this. >>
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you. >> i thought i was answering a question. >> sunny skies today. beautiful out there this morning. skleer skies. really cold too, satellite shows all the clouds well off to the east of us. the bear clinic zone. that's good meteorologistical term off to the east of us. stuck with clear skies here. high pressure in control and you know what, to answer wisdom's question i think several days. >> i have a question now. >> frost advisories. >> bearstein [ inaudible ]. >> what did you say bear clinic zone. >> bare clinic where they stuff them and. >> i didn't intend for it to be a topic of conversation that's okay. frost advisory this morning in the pink areas back to the west. and then northwest. you know, wisdom, though, any question you have i'm willing to answer. >> don't do t. gary. >> 52 for annapolis and to today's highs really, really nice, fall weather seted in lower 60s today and couple places will be maybe stru
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lot of us with the sunshine today will do very, very nicely thank you. and seriously, this stuff will last for a long time. all week long. here's erin como. well, right now we're dealing with breaking news this morning 4:36 look at this activity behind me there's a track toll trailer crash 95 southbound the crash collisions off ramp to 64 4 heading to fairfax find a different exit this morning be prepared, 644 shut down right now. as we move things over we're dealing with a crash 109. this is 270 southbound crash on the ramp from 10. that is causing some delays and traffic is still getting through the area an you can see it's not really impacting 270 southbound it's ramp 109 impacting with those clash flashing lights and crash in buoy eastbound side of 50 before 301 left lanes blocked there and no major delays in buoy now volume is light it's not impacting us and other than that traffic impacking us on the district.
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>> and nfl owners and pl player's union set to discuss the player protests. >> and food network roasted on social media for a peanut butter sandwich that takes you three hours to make. >> going break right now. won't take us three hours to come back. just a few minutes. live look outside across the region. >> i like how you did this witness dox, what happened to you tuesday morningment ear on fire. >> if you like peanut butter. >> chunky. >> i like this wisdom. >> you can come back next week. >>
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their first underwear pampers easy ups, an easy way to underwear pampers >> time now, 4:39. what's hot on the web. >> holly morris now with what's trending. >> good morning, everybody, first up we have senator john mccain. awarded liberty medal for service during vietnam. and he brought the current state of political
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now the arizona senator never mentioned any names. built to many it seemed clear he was talking about the president. senator used speech as warning that the loadership of united states does not move backwards towards a nationalistic america. meanwhile, president trump surprise depending himself and slamming past presidents. >> former president obama deputy chief of staff called mr. trump out on twitter. and tweeted close that's s sxlitive lie and she called president a de ranged avenue. president trump said he wrote letters and will make phone calls to the families of those soldiers. >> happening today meeting with a lead to discuss pro protesting the national an anthem. roger goodell sentence a letter saying to order players
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to keep political protest off the field. some are on board with requiring players to stand. president trump went public with his criticism of the protests. >> dozens of women have come forward with sexual harassment claims against harvey weinstein and that prompted online movement. more than half a million women have used # me, too on twitter and facebook to show victims of sexual harassment and assault they're not alone and immune to the problem. actress alyssa milano took to social immediate don't to encourage. she remained silent because of her friendship with his wife. >> facebook is foingting fun poking funny should say of nod network the video the network shared. how to make a peanut butter sandwich can prep time three hours. she demonstrates how to make peanut butter slices
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viewers as i trick to keep pb and j from tearing in all the process will take three hours before you have to freeze the peanut butter slices and once frozen you throw them on piece of bread and they melt. voila you have a sandwich that took hours to make. >> really? >> can we have the last 20 second of our life back. that's sillest story. >> honestly. >> i i've never even peanut butter and jelly. >> are you kidding now. >> i never heard of peanut butter slices. >> me neither you never had a peanut butter sandwich. >> i don't like peanut butter. >> okay. let's move on. >> wisdom he's spoken to bear this morning that's what he's doing. thanks, sally. >> 4:42 is the time coming up on "fox news morning" today the nfl player union will argue against ezekiel elliot. >> headed to break across the d.c. region. 48 degrees. ma
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>> time, 4:45 here's the stories we're following for you. future of the weinstein company remains
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meanwhile the producer guild of america begun termination proceedings of harvey weinstein on termination grounds. >> this missing man david white, white was last seen morning of october 6 and 1200 block of land-over and described 5' 10", 203 pounds. >> ezekiel elliot is ready to resume his suspension. his hear is today. lawyers filed a request for temporary restraining order after federal peels court overturned injunction allowing him to play the season. right now he's suspended for sunday's game at san fran francisco. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. tuesday, october 17, erin como watching roads and gary mcgrady talking about weather, good morning. >> it's cold out there this morning
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slowly warming up. i think today into the right around 60 to 63. looks like high temperature we're starting thought morning you know i don't want to say bundle up. prepare for. it winchester. frederick 39 others culpeper and mannasas and 30s as well. frost advisory is in place and technically goes until 9 a.m. this morning many place of northern western neighborhoods. erin como it's cold out there. >> i definitely wore my jack net today, gary, needed. 4:47 waking up to problems starting you off in virginia. off ramp to 644 from 95 southbound closeded with a tractor-trailer crash. if headed southbound continue on 95 an exit at frankonia springfield parkway and as we make our way out in maryland 270 southbound side there's a crash on the ramp from 109. caution there ramp open and
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crash 50 even blocked before 197. more traffic in a few. maureen even wisdom. >> a man in woodbridge ch charged with abduction of train. >> he claims to be with ms 13 gang and believed to number this country illegal. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, immigration and custom enforcement confirms they have place aid detainer against the suggestion suspect mean heing could be de ported after all this is wrapped up in the courts. now saturday night to sunday morning police say 21-year-old robert owe antonio mendrano segovia and cruz went to a house party in woodbridge the two said to be acquaintances they sed say he had a knife and returned with others slashing tires enforcing the girl into his car. that set off amber alert around the area.
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afternoon at another house in woodbridge. police say both initially gave false identification. the girl was with unharmed and reunited with her family. segovia faces charge of of abduction, gang participation, destruction of property and providing false name to lae law enforce: suspect right now is being held without bond here in the woodbridge area. we can tell you his next court date is november 7. live in woodbridge i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> time now major push underway to make d.c. home of amazon second headquarters mayor bowser said locations included in the district bid to attract the retail goynt anacostia river property. capitol hill least, shaw university and no astation. new headquarters will employ 50,000 workers and up to 8 million square feet of office space. now the deadline to submit proposal is this thursday. virginia
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offering up possible locations supreme court plans to tackle dispute to force tech companies to hand over international emails during criminal investigations with a case involving microsoft and federal drug tracking investigation. they requested e maildz on microsoft serve ised on a servener ireland. they ruled in favor of micro sort saying emails are beyond reap of search warrant issued by a judge. tech companies are impeding investigation into drugs, terrorism and other serious crimes. the case will be aargueed next year. >> coming up on "fox news morning" d.c. ranks top cities in the the country in undesireable category. >> pop singer ed sheeran recovering after struck by a car in london. >> a live look across the region 4:50, 48 degrees. back in a
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> the family of muslim marine recruit is suing the government. ra he'll azeek died if a fall in a training base in south carolina. his family is suing. they say his death is a sue sued and his family disagrees. preliminary investigation shows he was physically ab abused. hazed and called a terrorist by his drill instructor. battalion kun duct tore faces trials in military court. >> bribery case against senator bob menen dez moves forward. judge rejected a notion throw out serious charges against the democratic senator. ruling comes days after the judge suggested that he could possibly dismiss the case based on supreme court ruling narrowing the definition of bribery. menen dez is accused of taking bribes from a wealthy friend in
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for govsh norz. >> ed sheeran may have tour on hold. he broke his arm in london after getting into buy cycle accident. she was in between performances on divide tour. he's waiting for medical advice before continuing. >> if you have been in dupont circle this won't come as a surprise. extermination company orkin ravrked as ratest cities and we're making progress. it's down two sfrots mast year. chicago mature and home up to and new york took the top two spots. new york is producer's hometown. i'm saying. the company ranked cities by number of rodent treatments it performed from last september tonight this september. and according to orkin fall is the start of rodent season as the weather gets colder, rats and mice look for food, walter and shelter to survive in winter time. >> i'm traumatized sthop video please. >> we will stop the video and head toe gary mcgrady
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over i can look? >> go ahead, gary. >> it makes you squeamish. sorry if are you eating breakfast. >> oom glad we're making progress. bus stop forecast. thaichkz for the tid bit there wisdom. 30s and 40s this morning quite cool outside for the kid owes. tell them this is the day you have to take your sweat shirts this morning and get out th there. after cool we warm up and don't warm up a lot. temperature between 60 and 65 degrees. lots of sunshine. the sun comes up this morning and we'll see all sun today. there may be a cloud here or there and otherwise it will be real, real nice. temperature gaithersburg 40. frederick is 39. westminster 41. if you're north an wet of city you do not escape the coldest morning. temperatures and lots of places are down into the0s. i think there's still a little more room for numbers to fall off a little more. annapolis is at 52 and 40s on the eastern shore with t
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again, once the sun comes up we'll be seeing it all day long thanks to the clear skies that we're going to have. high pressure takes control and it's staying with us all week long. there is probably more beautiful weeks we have and have had for a while looks that nice. temperatures we want to look at that again. and frost add sciencery in place this morning for all those countys in pivrk. it's a chilly morning out there erin como and dry morning. that's got to help a little bit. >> i hope so. 4:56 unfortunately a lot of crashes to get through. starting off with a crash in virginia voxing a tractor-trailer 95 southbound the off ramp to 644 shut down in fairfax. you can continue on 95 southbound and take franconia springfield parkway this morning i need more coffee, just after 6:44 is a good souk exit point again
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ramp looks like they're cl clearing. it as we move over for a look in maryland today a crash it is 270 southbound crash on ramp 109. good news the ramp is open. traffic on southbound 279 impacted. any questions erinfoxdc twitter we'll get it together this tuesday morning, back to you. >> airport, thank you. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" if you're used to using public wifi when out you may reconsider. >> and a softball coach accused of sexually abusing a number of her players. >> taking a live look ais cot d.c. region, 4:57, 34 degrees. that'
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today on "fox news morning" nfl protest meeting and the players union plan to sit down to discuss the future of player protests. >> charlottesville riots a man that used a makeshift flame thrower is preparing to pass it a judge. >> you might not be able toll tell by this picture but it's cold throughout folks. some of you can each see frost when you leave the home today. they said it would be chilly and indeed it is. >> by george it happened. did morning to you thank you for joining us. >> gary mcgrady is talking about cool down and erin com


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